EMI 2100 Series Tube Processing Center


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This 2100 series machine handles round material typically in 21 foot lengths.  It is very popular for miscellaneous metal shops doing handrails and other applications where industrial quality is respected but all the features of the 2400 series are not required.  Programming can be done in our PieceMaker software, by most anyone, with the prints and cut sheets that are already in your shop.


  • Cut any combination of diameters and intersection angles with no tooling changes.

  • Eliminate manual measuring, sawing, notching, drilling, deburring & repetitive handling.

  • One operator might produce 150 or more parts per hour but often 20-30 will justify our most expensive machine.

  • Simultaneously produce holes, slots, and other features without drilling or punching.

  • Become amazingly powerful and efficient

EMI 2100 Series