EMI 2400 Series Tube Processing Center


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At 1/5 the cost of the least expensive laser we are 10x faster than the remaining alternatives.  So when it comes to processing standard lengths of pipe, tubing, angle, and channel into weld-ready components,  EMI makes it fast and easy with its unique CNC plasma system.  Configured to fit your specific tube-processing requirements, the basic system outperforms saws, mills, and hard tooling in speed, precision, repeatability and profitability.  A customer with high production requirements can get an auto-loading system that works efficiently from a bundle size magazine yet unloads according to your WIP requirements.  The machines work any combination of diameters and angles from stock lengths eliminating manual measuring, sawing, and notching, deburring, drilling, and repetitive material handling. Combining all these manufacturing steps into one continuous process dramatically reduces direct labor and floor space requirements while increasing profitability.


EMI 2400 Series