Edwards “Jaws IV” 40 Ton Ironworker

The Jaws IV 40 ton Ironworker features four available workstations, a 10 inch bar shear, angle shear, heavy duty punch station, and an open tooling cavity.


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40 TON “JAWS IV” IRONWORKER The Shopmate Four Available Workstations Universal Open Tooling Station Electric Stroke Control Designed for small to medium-sized fab shops, the Edwards 40 Ton JAWS Ironworker has the tools to get the job done. Standard features include a Punch Assembly with Pedestal Die Table, 10″ wide Flat Bar Shear, Angle Shear and a universal open tooling station to accept optional Tooling Accessories. Multiply the utility of your 40 Ton by adding the optional Hydraulic Accessory Pack and your Ironworker becomes the power source for our expanding line of innovative Hydraulic Accessory Tools such as the 10 Ton Tube/Pipe Bender, 20 Ton Shop Press and 40 Ton Shop Press. Featured on Stacey David’s Gearz. Punching station Coupling wrench Flat bar shear Angle shear Safety Guards Adjustable steel punch strippers Adjustable holddown bars Threaded jig holes Pipe coupling welded too back for optional back gauge Slots for gauge feeding tables Comfortable working heights Remote foot pedal operation Integral lifting lug Direct drive pump Acoustic Insulation Hydraulic system fully charged Featured Specifications Throat Depth 7Maximum Capacity 1dia. In 1/2plate Open Height 8.0″ Shut Height 7.0″ Stroke 1-3/ Cycle Time 2 Seconds View the PDF Spec Sheet // AVAILABLE ATTACHMENTS

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