PictureSheet metal fabrication has been growing at a very fast pace and is expected to outperform most of the other similar industries across the world. This is also the reason for the popularity of sheet metal fabrication tools and equipment. If we look at the sales of sheet metal fabrication tools and equipment in recent years, we will find an upsurge that can only be attributed to the global growth of this industry. It is considered a traditional industry by some, but it’s hard to deny the utilization of technology it has been subject to over the years.

Manual sheet metal fabrication tools and equipment were used earlier for machining, assembly, cutting, and welding. All these tools are now available in their modified, much-advanced versions on the market. These new tools require much less effort and are much more efficient than their traditional counterparts.

The growth of the sheet metal fabrication industry can be put down majorly to the advancement in technology and improvement in supply chain practices in recent years. These two factors have contributed immensely to not only the growth of the industry but also its acceptance on the global level. This brings us to the top trends that are going to have a huge impact on where the sheet metal fabrication industry is headed – automation, additive fabrication, tube laser technology, and reshoring. We will discuss these trends in detail in the upcoming posts.