Summit 16″ x 60″ Engine Metal Lathe

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Summit16″ Precision Engine Metal Lathes With a finely balanced combination of brains and brawn, Summit16Precision Metal Lathes have earned a reputation as heavy weights among mid-size lathes. They are ISO compliant, include a vast array of features and accessories asstandardand they offer a variety of built-in safety features. Engineering innovations make the Summit 16one of the easiest precision metal lathes to operate in the industry, while creating pinpoint accuracy for the finest finishes. In addition to calculated precision and total control, the Summit 16metal lathe for sale offers the bulk and horsepower necessary to effortlessly take on the heaviest chip loads.Standard on every machine is a quick-change gearbox for cutting inch, metric, module and diametrical pitch threads without change gears. Standered Features Clutched headstock All cast iron construction Hardened & precision ground bedways Quick change gearbox cuts American (inch), metric and module and diametrical pitch threads Rapid traverse on carriage (4 way joystick) 2 Speed tail stock Large chrome alloy spindle with big 3 thru hole Hardened and ground alloy steel gears, shafts and splines Included Accessories Thread dial Steady rest Follow rest Coolant system Taper attachment Work light Full-length splash guard 3 jaw chuck Specifications: 16 Swing Series Capacities Swing over bed 16 Swing over cross slide 9.375 Swing over gap 25.125 Headstock Hole Through Spindle 3 Spindle speeds (12) 20 2000 RPM Spindle Nose D1-8 Threads Threads per inch number/range (64) .25 60 Metric threads number/range (64) .5 120 Tailstock Travel spindle barrel 9.5 Diameter of spindle barrel 3.5 Tailstock center #5MT Bed Width of bed 15.75 Motor Main drive motor 10 HP Miscellaneous Shipping weight (approximate (40cc) 6,200 lbs.

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Weight 6200 lbs