National NA3612 Air Shear


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NationalAir Shears NA3612,NA5216,NA5212 National offers three heavy duty air shears with steel side frames, all steel cutter heads and tables. These air shears are standard with four cutting edge high carbon high chromium blades, front arm extensions, table gauges, back gauges, and heavy duty foot switch.Optional Accessories:57Squaring armModel NSA 52 3 Year Warranty – Made in USA Specifications Model NA3612 NA5216 NA5212 Capacity(Tensile Stregnth 55,000 lbs. @ rated capacity) Mild Steel12 Gauge: 2.7mmStainless Steel16 Gauge: 1.6mm Mild Steel16 Gauge: 1.6mmStainless Steel20 Gauge: .9mm Mild Steel12 Gauge: 2.7mmStainless Steel16 Gauge: 1.6mm Strokes Per Minute Approx. 40 Approx. 40 Approx. 40 Cutting Legnth 36″914mm 52″1321mm 52″1321mm Shipping Weight 1100 lbs499 kgs 1400 lbs635kgs 1600 lbs726 kgs Floor Space w/ Gauges 45x 75 7/ x 42 1/41143 x 1927 x 1073mm 61x 75 7/ x 42 1/41549 x 1927 x 1073mm 62x 75 7/ x 42 1/41575 x 1927 x 1073mm Floor Space w/0 Gauges 45x 22 3/4x 42 1/41143 x 578 x 1073mm 61x 22 3/4x 42 1/41549 x 578 x 1073mm 62x 22 3/4x 42 1/41575 x 578 x 1073mm Recommended p.s.i. 100 100 100

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