Hyd-Mech S-20P Semi-Automatic Scissor Style Band Saw


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Manual Scissor Style Band Saw ModelS-20P HYDMECHs S Series saws set a benchmark for sawing technology within the industry. These saws were industrys first-ever to incorporate swing-head capability an innovation that has taken the industry by storm! These are versatile, miter-cutting,scissors stylemachines designed for multiple medium duty applications at oil refineries and machine shops, fabrication shops, trailer manufacturers, automotive shops, and more. Saw models are available in manual, semi-automatic, and fully-automatic models, with the mitering capability up to 60_. Semi-automatic and automatic S-20 models feature environmentally-friendlyOn-Demandhydraulics and the S-20A model features a very accurate and quick material indexing ball screw. The S-20P,semi-automatic scissor style band sawfeatures a swing head design and provides exceptional miter cutting capability for light to medium duty applications. Its digital LCD display shows machine mode, pieces cut, blade speed, blade tension, amperage draw of blade motor, cut duration, overall machine run time, and head position. Featuring a 13H x 18W capacity at 90, 3 HP motor, and 1 blade, the S-20P is a versatilesemi-automatic scissor style band sawideal for use in tight working spaces. Featured Specifications Rectangular Capacity at 90 13H x 1 W Blade Size 1 x 1410 HP 3 Mitering 60 left Operation Manual Download Footprint Drawing

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