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Bandsaws are used in almost every shop environment to cut ferrous or non-ferrous metals. There are different configurations of bandsaws such as vertical contour saws which are used for cutting shapes in thinner materials. These saws have the ability to use different widths of blades. Horizontal bandsaws are a scissor configuration which has a hinge on one end of the head making the saw feed down at an angle that eventually flattens out at the bottom of the cut. A horizontal post saw has either one or two posts on each side of the guide arms. This allows the saw to ride up and down basically on a bearing or round surface. This is a very rigid design that performs very well when cutting solid round materials. The vertical tilt head saw has the band straight up and down which travels towards the operator. This design basically allows the operator to stand in front of the saws creating a table for the material to rest on. The head would then feed through this table. This design also allows the head to tilt left or right giving the ability to double miter. These are used widely in the industry in structural, manufacturing and maintenance shops.