12009 E. Empire Ave. Bldg. C

Spokane Valley, WA 99206-4530


800-222-3152 (Toll Free)


As one of the leading suppliers of new and used metal fabrication tools, machinery and related manufacturing equipment in the Northwest area, we’re always willing to help our customers with any questions or concerns they may have. You can call us, email us, or visit us in person.

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You have several options if you would like to reach one of our qualified TEAM OF EXPERTS


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800-222-3152 Ext. 114[/ult_team][ult_team img_hover_eft=”” name=”Cortney Kimmelman” pos_in_org=”Operations Manager & Accounting”]

800-222-3152 Ext. 115[/ult_team]

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800-222-3152 Ext. 118[/ult_team][ult_team img_hover_eft=”” name=”Dustin Reichel” pos_in_org=”Service Technician & Sales”]

800-222-3152 Ext. 116[/ult_team]

[ult_team img_hover_eft=”” name=”Machine Sales, Parts, & Service” pos_in_org=”Technical Assistance”]General Sales Information:

Technical & Service Information:

800-222-3152 [/ult_team]